The Last Record Album

Dit was hem lange tijd, mijn favoriete LP van mijn favoriete band, The Last Record Album uit 1975 van Little Feat. Met het onverwoestbare Long Distance Love als tijdloze juweel. En de horizontal mambo in Romance Dance. In de nacht discussieerden we vele jaren later nog of misschien toch Mercenary Territory niet het beste nummer was. Zou kunnen. Lowell George weer in topvorm, als je het mij vraagt. Niet helemaal zonder geestverruimende middelen trouwens, zoals iedereen in die tijd.

De plaat is wat vettig geproduceerd, zoals Thanks I’ll Eat It Here (1979) dat in mijn oren ook is. En zoals het latere Time Loves A Hero (vanwege Ted Templeman) juist totaal anders is.

Verder hier geen historie over deze plaat. Ik was er niet bij, er is genoeg over te vinden, maar daar gaat het niet om. Top band. Top plaats.

Hollywood is a concept and as Neon Parks (our cover artist) put it visually and Paul Barrère said it, Hollywood is a giant fruit salad with a twist of a cool whip, like a mirage in your garage, so said Fred Martin. The real name of this record is The First Record Album so let no paranoia ensue.This is also the first record that I identify myself. I’m Lowell George, the so-called producer, slide-guitar player who sings but let that end right here, cause all I did was sit in the control room and watch the rest of the folk in the group bring forth an identity that represents the so-called musical statement about the whole being the sum total of it’s parts.
Those being Bill Payne, keyboards (piano, acoustic, electric), Moog mind warp, vocals and an insistance on achievement. Richard Hayward, drums, vocals and an attitude of trying to do what’s right. Ken Gradney, bass and a desire to leave out what aint right. Sam Clayton, congas and a hope of trying to inspire the now and the get down. Paul Barrère, glitar, vocals who sez this place is crazy (hold the accent grave).
And if you want to see who does what and where they do it, you better come and see us play, but not all.
There was help, we got help. John Hall played guitar on All that you dream, Valerie Carter sang background parts on One love stand and Long distance love with Fran Tate, who also assisted George Massenburg who engineered at The Sound Factory …

Deel van de liner notes, maar dan voorzien van interpunctie.